Lessons from the Star-Spangled Banner

My daughter is practicing “The Star-Spangled Banner” on her violin this morning. The melody fills the house and gently wafts down the street as she carefully learns each note in preparation for an upcoming outdoor patriotic concert. “These bowings aren’t making sense to me,” she complained. Taking her instrument, I demonstrate a couple lines [...]


How to Teach Patriotism to America’s Teachers and Students

Teachers who love our country are deeply saddened by our fellow educators’ unwillingness to recognize America’s greatness, its promise, and its hope for our generation and posterity. The common principles that unite us—such as a love of liberty and private property—are being destroyed in the name of social equality. How can we teach our educators [...]

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“Focus! Concentrate!”: Why can my kid focus on their video game for hours, but school work for only five minutes?

Have you ever wondered why your kiddo seems to be able to focus on his video game or her television show, but can’t seem to pay attention to you or focus on their school work? It doesn’t seem to be just those diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that have a difficult time paying [...]

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From Sea to Shining Sea: Acknowledging God in All Fifty State Constitutions

Almost chosen as the National Anthem in 1926, “America the Beautiful” was written by Katherine Lee Bates, born August 12, 1859. Daughter of a Congregational minister, Katherine Lee Bates taught high school, then English literature at Wellesley College. She hosted gatherings at her home for students and literary guests, including Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg and William [...]

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Founding Father James Wilson

He was one of six founding fathers to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. President Washington appointed him to be a Justice on the Supreme Court. His name was James Wilson. Born in Scotland, James Wilson was one of the first to argue against British dominance. In 1774, James Wilson wrote Considerations on [...]

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