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If you haven’t heard the news the interests for Home Schooling is at an all-time high. A huge number of individuals with conservative values in search of information about Home School in Campbell, are in agreement that GreatHomeschoolConvention.Com event|how Great Homeschool has helped him find the homeschool tutorials they have been searching for. If you’re in the majority of parents who’s fed up with the state the public school system in the Carolina’s has adopted here are some tips about starting a home school in Ravenel, South Carolina. If you want to start a home school in South Carolina, the primary step you need to take is identifying the best way you can expect to teach your young ones to provide them with all the knowledge as possible. There are many different home-schooling prospects. It is possible for you to look for curriculums to teach your children or enroll them in any virtual school where they may attend classes and participate in live lessons using a laptop or computer. Once you have selected the ideal opportunity for your children, you need to focus on getting through the alteration period.

When switching to home-schooling, the easiest method to make your adjustment a breeze is always to stay with a agenda. While your children might not be required to get up as early as before to go to school on time, you must still endure that they are getting up at a set time, having their first meal of the day, and then beginning with their class work. Sticking to a adgenda is the best way to keep your kids on course as they get acquainted with this particular way of learning and receiving the schooling they should have to get ahead in life. Your youngsters will quickly start to flourish as they are being home-schooled.

Home-schooling vs. Traditional Schooling in Ravenel, South Caroline

South Carolina residents has many choices in terms of the training of children. If you are considering for the various paths for your children, it is time to take into account home-schooling. To accomplish this the correct way, it is essential to consider the arguments for and against home schooling and regular schooling prior to making an alternative.

Control Over Teaching Styles – It is advisable to start out with choosing the teaching styles as every child has specific learning needs. In your house, you are able to better determin the way the child is being taught and which will help them understand information in a much easier way. It may also lessen most of the stress that is place on your child when it comes to learning.

Better Scholastic Emphasis – It is regularly comes down to educational emphasis with regards to the instructor to pupil ratio. At home, you can regulate how your kids are trained also how the day is allocated in terms of focusing on their learning requirements. This is certainly more difficult to accomplish in a bigger classroom with public school teachers.

Those are the differences to examine with regards to homeschooling vs. traditional schooling in South Carolina. One thing you can count on is that as long as there is liberty Carolina residents are not going to give in to liberal ideas, especially when it come to the education of their kids. For additional details on home school in Ravenel, South Carolina and what to expect at a Great Homeschool Convention event stop by our homeschool events blog!

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California Homeschool Convention

“…the convention is awesome…it has everything you need from beginners to us seasoned homeschoolers…”—M.W.

“I encourage all parents to go. It is so much about family. The seminars are not just about schooling; we always leave refreshed as parents with ideas to help our kids grow healthy and strong. Worth every penny. And the exhibit hall is amazing! Not just curriculum either…” —A.A.

Sunny California—what a great time we had last year! And this year will be even better as we look forward to hosting yet another Great Homeschool Convention!


For more info please visit our events schedule


Ontario, California

The Ontario Convention Center is a beautiful oasis with palm trees all around and breathtaking mountains off in the distance—it’s absolutely gorgeous!  Last year, we welcomed families from the length and breadth of California, as well as Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada. We enjoyed our visit with you so much that we are coming back in just a few months: June 16–18, 2016.  You don’t want to miss all that the convention has to offer.

Are you new to homeschooling or just beginning to think about it? Then you need to attend and see what the homeschooling world is all about.  All your questions can be answered under one roof. In our huge exhibit hall, you will get a first-hand look at materials offered by the best curriculum writers out there. Many of these authors are trail-blazers who developed their educational materials out of a need they experienced in their own efforts to homeschool.

So, where to begin?

Everyday Education founder Janice Campbell is presenting a Homeschool 101 track. As a seasoned homeschool mother herself, she has a lot to tell you about starting out homeschooling and choosing from a wide variety of teaching styles.  Whatever your preferred method—whether it be Charlotte Mason, classical, unschooling, etc.—she covers all you need to know to start your journey, beginning with how to decide on an approach that works best for you and your child. Read more about the session topics.

The National Center for Life and Liberty’s founder, Attorney David Gibbs III, will speak on various current issues of concern to homeschooling families. NCLL is the “go-to” resource for addressing the educational requirements you must meet, regardless of your home state. For example, you will learn how to notify your school governing authority (local school board, etc.) for each state. You don’t have to worry: NCLL will help relieve your anxieties.  Should you ever be questioned about your rights to homeschool, NCLL provides homeschooling families with legal representation as part of their Homeschool Center.


Homeschool Center.


Seasoned homeschoolers know the journey can be challenging. You will find new ways to teach, new tips, encouragement, and inspiration. The California Homeschool Convention will have over 220 speaking sessions covering a wide variety of topics to help equip you with the needed rejuvenation to continue homeschooling.  Sessions include the following and much more: how to continue teaching through high school, how to teach math, tips for the struggling reader, reluctant writer prompts, teaching science at home, etc.

Special Tracks

Special Needs and Gifted

If you have a child with special needs, this is the convention you want to attend. Several sessions are designed specifically to address ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and how to work effectively with gifted children or those who have special needs. The speakers presenting these sessions are true experts in their field. Many have advanced degrees or have homeschooled their own special needs or gifted child. They have learned how to meet and work through these challenges and are happy to share the knowledge they have gained from their own experiences.


Parent? Teacher? How do you keep both balls in the air without dropping either one?  You don’t want to miss the parenting trackfeaturing Kirk Martin and his son, Casey. They offer practical parent-child interaction tips that have proven successful in their own relationship, as well as the thousands of other families who have implemented their suggestions. Don’t miss this delightful duo!

Real Faith for the Real World teen track

Teens today are so techno-savvy. But where are they spiritually? As parents of teens, we likely will not have them at home much longer. We have to take advantage of every opportunity to equip them the best we can for the world they face. This Real Faith for the Real World teen track will encourage teens to defend their faith logically, intelligently, and confidently in today’s world. Why do we believe what we believe? How do we defend our faith when challenged by a professor in college or questioned by our peers? John Stonestreet, Brett Kunkle, Mark Mittelberg, and Dr. Jay Wile offer some fantastic sessions to help equip your teen to (as Mark Mittelberg says) “Be Confident in Your Faith.” These speakers have made it their life’s work to help others in their faith. We are honored to have them all and your teens will benefit greatly.

Special Events

All work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) dull—to say nothing of their parents. So, let’s make some memories outside of academia! After a great day at the convention, you and your family can enjoy a good laugh together at the Thursday night comedy with Dennis Regan.  You also have the option to sit back and watch a production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe performed by theatre troupe Friends of the Groom.

On Saturday evening, John Stonestreet addresses the issues of our sexually broken culture. You don’t want to miss this!

Children’s Conference

Giant Cow Children’s MinistriesWhile you are enjoying the homeschool convention, your kids ages 6–12, can have fun too! Giant Cow Ministrieshosts an optional children’s conference just for kids. This VBS-style conference features high-energy drama, exciting music, fun activities, memorization of God’s Word, and positive mentoring by dynamic young people. Visit Giant Cow Ministries’ website to register your children before this event is sold out. Space is limited.

The California Homeschool Convention has so much to offer. Whether you are just now thinking of homeschooling or have already begun, your confidence will receive a “booster shot”—you can do this!

Perhaps the greatest thing a seasoned homeschooling mom will come away with is the relief in knowing you really aren’t doing all that badly. It can be life-changing. In fact, homeschooling your children can give you the greatest sense of accomplishment you have ever had, especially as you see your children thrive. You get to be right there to experience their reaction when they grasp a concept for the first time. It’s like being there to see your baby take their first step. Woo-Hoo!

No matter where you are in the homeschooling process (just thinking about it, already started, seasoned veteran), you are sure to get your questions and concerns addressed and answered at the California Homeschool Convention.

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