How to Teach Using the Best Homeschool Programs without Regrets

Do you realize, as a parent, you are the Architect of the Next Generation? With the best homeschool programs, you earn that incredible opportunity to influence our culture by raising children who will grow up to reflect God-honoring values. That’s why I chose to educate at home. Why do you have to find [...]

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How to Reward Children Enrolled on a Free Online Homeschool Program

Do you reward your children? Some parents say rewards are unnecessary: “I want him to do chores because he’s part of our family.” We want our children to do good because it is good, not for a mercenary reason. A child’s work is to play and learn. Each of those should be its [...]

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Homeschooling Programs and Your Holiday Priorities

While delightful, the holidays can be stressful for our children on homeschooling programs, especially if they also have special needs. We want and expect to have fun, but the changes and intense activity can be demanding. But with preparation, practice, and flexibility, you and your child can enjoy the holidays. To prepare, look [...]

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Setting Goals with Your Free Homeschooling Programs

What if each year of school you attended you had worked on goals that really mattered to you, instead of finishing that 500-word essay about why baking soda and vinegar create a fizz? Free homeschool programs are no different. Would you, could you now be living a life of luxury  . . . the [...]

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Why I Choose Homeschooling Programs and Why I Think You Should Too

Obviously, I did not choose to enrol my children in homeschooling programs so that I could get more done for ROPE. I’m sure homeschooling and peace and quiet can be synonymous, but I don’t find that often in the White house anymore. “Mom, are you going to check my paper?” Sam, my youngest, [...]

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5 Things Kids on Home School Programs Should Know

While the homeschool environment is a place where many families find themselves thriving, it can be intimidating to get started on homeschool programs. The good news? You are not alone! So many resources are available to families to get started with education at home. Here are a few things that new homeschool parents [...]

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Unit Studies in Homeschooling

Just as children have various learning styles, curriculum options take various approaches to education styles.  As you pursue your choice of homeschool curriculum and methods, consider unit studies as an alternative way of approaching a topic. The method is usually quite hands-on and also encourages responsibility and personal discipline through in depth study, [...]

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Homeschooling Dilemmas: Post holiday blues or unbridled excitement

New Year’s Day is a mixed emotion holiday. For many, this year was no picnic and we are happy to close the books on the chapter. But it could also be one of the many homeschooling dilemmas that homeschool teachers and parents consider. The tough year had many shining moments as well, if [...]

How Do Boys and Girls Learn Differently When Homeschooling?

When it comes to homeschooling, boys and girls learn differently. This is why there are specialized ways to help each student with their homeschooling programs. We’re here to help you learn more about it. In addition to a huge Homeschool Curriculum Exhibit Hall, and as a part of the 100s of homeschooling workshops [...]

7 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Composition thru the Best Homeschool Programs

Composing a written work is a matter of putting thoughts onto paper. That may sound simple, but at times, you’ll need the best homeschool programs to make it happen. The thoughts, most assuredly, have to come first. If a child has nothing to write about, then they will struggle with composition and writing. [...]

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