Ways to Enrich Your Kid’s Homeschool Education

One of the main benefits of a homeschool education is the personalization aspect. Of course, you can personalize by choosing subjects your child is particularly interested in and those at which they excel, but there are many other ways to enrich your child’s homeschool education. As you are not restricted by a normal school [...]

Long-Term Benefits of Homeschooling

There are many long-term benefits of homeschooling that go unnoticed. If you are considering homeschooling your child but are on the fence, this is the article for you. Many parents who have the time and means to travel refrain from doing so due to their child's school schedule. It is hard to plan a trip [...]

At What Age Should You Begin Homeschooling Your Child?

This is a question that every parent seeks an answer to when they think of homeschooling. Whether you should start at birth or preschool, it’s important to consider certain psychological and legal constraints. Many parents once they set off on this journey of homeschooling, discover that, within one family, one child may need [...]

Why Attend a Homeschooling Convention?

Homeschooling conventions are a valuable resource for homeschooling parents and should be utilized as often as possible by those who have elected for this great undertaking. We’ve put together three of the best reasons to attend one or more of these events, if you haven’t been entirely convinced already. You’re Supporting the Homeschooling [...]

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What Do I Need to Prepare Myself and My Child for Homeschooling?

The decision to homeschool your child instead of having them attend a traditional school environment was likely one that you made with great care and consideration. However, even the most well-intentioned of parents find themselves scrambling when the time comes to begin the homeschooling curriculum. If you have never homeschooled a child before, [...]

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What are the Benefits of Homeschooling My Children?

Homeschooling is often – and wrongly – perceived as a fringe movement of parents who are electing to take their children out of the public school system. In reality, homeschooling has become increasingly popular in the United States over the past decade. Over 2.3 million American children are homeschooled as of 2018 and [...]

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Why is Homeschooling Exploding in Popularity These Days?

Homeschooling has an interesting history in the United States. While parents have been teaching their children at home for much longer, established homeschool curriculums were not developed until the 1960s. At the time, this wasn’t legal in all 50 states and the homeschooling population consisted of a fringe minority of counter-culture families. For [...]

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5 Tried and True Methods to Help Your Child Succeed with Homeschooling

If you have never homeschooled a child before, getting started might sound intimidating. Are you expected to be a professor-level expert to teach your own child? Will your child do well under this curriculum? How will they experience adequate socialization? Homeschooling raises a lot of concerns at first, but rest assured that these [...]

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What are Homeschooling Programs?

Interested in homeschooling your child but do not know where to start when it comes to homeschooling programs? You have come to the right place. We are here to teach you everything you need to know about choosing a homeschooling program for your family. First of all, you should know what a homeschool [...]

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