Homeschool Teachers Guide: #1 Way to Put an End to Sibling Rivalry

Doesn’t it just drive you crazy when your kids fight? I have to say sibling rivalry would rank as number one on my “worst thing about parenting” chart! Homeschool teachers and mothers are always challenged to address this issue. Our two youngest children, Brandon and Kayla, are two years apart. When they were [...]

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Setting an Example for Your Homeschooling Children

Be of noble character all you parents. Your homeschooling children are watching every move you make, whether you are aware of it or not.  One of my mom’s favorite quotes is by Benjamin Franklin who said, “A good example is the best sermon.”  These are some powerful words, because we all know children [...]

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Organizing Your Homeschooling Space

One of the biggest challenges facing homeschooling parents is finding the space for studying and for storing books and other materials.  Even those with large homes find themselves battling clutter and chaos if they are not organized. Building homeschooling into your home and its decor can help you use your time efficiently and [...]

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Online Homeschool Tips: How to Homeschool a Child Who Doesn’t Like to Read

Do you know what to do when your child hates to read? You’re going to best benefit from this online homeschool tip that we’re going share with you. Let this serve as your guide whenever you come across this problem. It certainly doesn’t fit the homeschool stereotype, but not every child who is [...]

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4 Steps to Teaching Kids Not to be Late Even When Homeschooling

Homeschooling kids can be a challenge. I recently saw the Wall Street Journal article “We know why you’re always late.” I thought, “I’ve been found out!” Though I’ve learned how make myself punctual (usually), I know the looming guilt of being late again and disappointing people who think being punctual is just common [...]

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Homeschooling Tip: #1 Reason You Should Not Rescue Your Son

Sometimes we moms are so busy rescuing our sons from trials we get in the way of how God is working to build their faith. Doesn’t it just break your heart when your son finds himself in the middle of a trial? What advice do you give your son? Below is one homeschooing [...]

How Do Boys and Girls Learn Differently When Homeschooling?

When it comes to homeschooling, boys and girls learn differently. This is why there are specialized ways to help each student with their homeschooling programs. We’re here to help you learn more about it. In addition to a huge Homeschool Curriculum Exhibit Hall, and as a part of the 100s of homeschooling workshops [...]

Charlotte Mason Method for Homeschooling

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who was dedicated to improving the quality of education, including homeschooling, in England. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Mason made significant contributions to the effort through instilling ideas toward educating a whole person rather than just a mind. In Mason’s words, “Education is an Atmosphere, [...]

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Free Online Homeschool Tips: Creating a Routine

The etymology of procrastination is worth examining: the word comes from the Latin pro (forward, on behalf of) and cras (tomorrow). Therefore, at its root, the word means pro, or on behalf of, tomorrow. Remember the maxim of the slacker: Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? If this exactly [...]

Homeschool Supplies: The Middle School “Tool Belt”

I spent 34 years teaching middle school kids, and I developed a pretty clear idea of what I think middle school language arts is all about and what the middle school learner is capable of and needs to do. Let me share with you about the homeschool supplies you’ll need to nourish these [...]