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If you are already homeschooling your children and would like to know if or how you can improve your methods, you might consider attending our Great Home School Conventions. We have several locations throughout the country so click on the link to find one closest to you.

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Home School Conventions

Great Home School Conventions is the number one provider of home school conventions in the United States. We have conventions located in the Southeast, Midwest, Texas, California, and Missouri. Our mission is to bring you the best homeschooling workshops, information, training, and industry-leading resources to keep you informed of the homeschooling process.

Attend any of the home school conventions that we hold regularly. We are currently found in five major locations in the U.S. with new cities added to our list each year. Contact us for more information if you want to be a part of these events. We guarantee you that you’ll get all the information you need about homeschooling. Many Homeschooling moms carpool and share a hotel room.

Southeast Homeschool Convention

The Southeast Homeschool Convention is hosted at the TD Convention Center in Greenville South Carolina. Check out our regular workshop schedules and the list of qualified speakers that you will meet at the event. Read through the descriptions of each workshop and discover out how these speaker and exhibitors can help you in homeschooling your children. Charlotte Mason, Christian parenting, Classical homeschool, special needs, gifted, learning styles and so much more.

Texas Homeschool Convention

At the Texas Homeschool Convention, you’ll find the same large curriculum exhibit halls that are quite popular in our other locations. From there, you’ll find the homeschool programs and curriculum that are perfect for your child. At these home school conventions, we provide all attendees with floor plans and booth assignment guides so it is easier for them to find the homeschool resources that they’re looking for.

Midwest Homeschool Convention

Planning on joining our Midwest Homeschool Convention? We’ll welcome you here. This Cincinnati convention is the largest Christian Homeschooling event in the world. Expect to gain a lot of helpful information about the special tracks for homeschooled children. You see, you don’t always have to stick to one homeschool curriculum when educating your child. You can always use other creative ways and methods to enrich your children and we’ll show you how it can be done. Learn all the basics of homeschooling, the best Christian parenting techniques, the ideal ways of raising teens, and the concepts of classical education, Charlotte Mason, learning styles, unit studies and more.

California Homeschool Convention

Head to Ontario, California and join us at the California Homeschool Convention where you can connect with many experts who can teach you everything that you need to know about homeschooling. We only invite the top speakers in the industry and give you access to their special workshop events. So if you’re looking for homeschool teachers, coaches, and experts, you’ll find them here. With special emphasis on learning styles, special needs, classical homeschooling, charlotte mason, Christian parenting and many other topics.

Missouri Home School Conventions

At the St. Charles, Missouri Homeschool Convention, we’ll make sure that you and your kids will feel very welcome. Aside from the exciting Kid’s Event option that we regularly organize, we also give participants premium rates and great discounts to our partner establishments and hotels. Military discounts are honored as well. Check out our detailed pricing and the homeschool freebies that serve as your perks for attending. Classical homeschooling workshops are also offered, and there is also an emphasis on Charlotte Mason methods of home schooling. Another popular track is the Christian Homeschool Parenting track.

All of these are what you’ll enjoy in all of the home school conventions that we organize. We guarantee that your experience with us is going to be equipping and encouraging. After attending these conventions, you’ll be confident about educating your child right from the comforts of your own home.