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Home School Programs

At Great Home School Conventions, we are developing an online eCommerce store, right on this domain, where we’ll be offering in the very near future a wide range of home school programs, resources, courses, and classes for interested parents and students. These programs and products are intended to make your homeschooling journey fun, easy, and hassle-free. This includes an emphasis on Charlotte Mason, Christian Parenting, Special Needs, Classical Homeschooling, Gifted, learning styles and much more. We are committed to serving all of your homeschooling needs, from homeschooling programs all the way to trendy home school apparel.

We believe that there’s a resource available for any task at hand. Great Home School Conventions is here to make sure that you get first-hand access to the latest homeschooling tools and information available. We have partnered with different entities that carry a wide range of products, programs, and merchandise for homeschooled children. You’ll see them all at the convention so we encourage you to attend regularly.

Home School Programs_

Home School Programs, Curriculum, and Resources

To help students with homeschooling, there are different products like books, modules, tests, and homeschooling programs available on various subjects, especially in math, science, writing and reading. We regularly feature the best programs of today’s top home school educators and speakers, which you can use as supplementary materials to your child’s homeschool curriculum. These homeschooling resources will ensure that you’re providing only the best education for your child.

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Online Home School Courses and Class Sessions

If you’re in need of online homeschool courses and classes, you’ll find them all here. Check out all your options before getting any kind of online homeschool courses and sessions. We also have contacts with dozens of homeschool teachers who can help you with any of the online home school courses and class sessions that you want for your child, should you need assistance with them.

Test Preparation_

Test Preparation – College Prep, SAT Prep, ACT Prep

If your child is scheduled to take the SAT or ACT test soon, we can help by providing you with test preparation services. We’ll help your child review all the things that he has learned during homeschooling so perform better on these tests. Our exhibitors offering test preparation services will help give your child the confidence that they need to take SAT and ACT tests, as well any other kind of college entrance exams.

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Homeschooling Apparel

Take a look at our fun, trendy, and exciting homeschooling apparel that celebrates and encourages homeschooling. Aside from witty statement t-shirts, there are caps and other merchandise available as well. Wear this apparel and be proud of being homeschooled. Homeschooling has never been this motivating and fun.

Great Home School Conventions is dedicated to providing support to homeschooling, parents, and students. We’ll provide you with all the homeschooling resources you need, and a whole lot more. Take a look at the various homeschooling options available to you.

Many of the top vendors that come to our events they offer the best homeschooling products in the industry. Attend our conventions regularly and you’ll get access to these great vendors from all different fields in the homeschooling industry. Browse our website to learn more about the latest homeschooling resources, products, speakers and programs available that would make educating your children a fairly simple task. We are here to make sure that you’ll get the most out of the best home school programs in North America.