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When you’re be part of the home schooling revolution it is important that you dot all your I’s and cross all your t’s. Although, the majority of liberal media outlets continue in not reporting the home schooling revolution, the community has achieved a lot in in the last three years. The reality is that interests for Homeschool is on the rise. A lot of parents with conservative values seeking info on Home School in Newark. This sentiment is echo by parents who are fed up with the public education system throughout South Carolina including areas like Abbeville County. South Carolina’s home-schooling laws are not the same as many liberal states. If you’re looking for resources to start home-schooling in Abbeville County, SC, here is a quick breakdown of South Carolina’s home schooling directives.

So, you’re thinking about home-schooling your kids? Before you get too entangled, it is a good idea to learn more on the home-schooling rules of South Carolina. Here are a few items you must contemplate before withdrawing your youngster from the traditional school.

  • South Carolina requires that your kids start going to school as soon as they turn 6. If you would like to hold your child back 12 months you should sign a form which the traditional school district will give you.
  • You have to officially withdraw your children from regular school in order to commence home-schooling.
  • You will have to instruct your youngster for 180 days each year. You must also tutor them the necessary subjects like reading, math, writing, social studies, and science.
  • Additionally you must go with a program to work from. South Carolina provides you with several alternatives.
  • You are required to take records of the homeschooling syllabus. This is in case you fall under inspection. The records need to indicate which textbooks you use and also supply the attendance records.

In essence, it is vital to perform your due diligence when embarking on your home-schooling journey. You should make sure you are in total acquiescence with all the laws South Carolina has outlined.

Questioning if Home School Conventions are Worth it?

In the past I speculated if homeschool conventions were worth the cost. Since staying at home with the kids for a could years, the struggle of raising them and bringing them through, each day was really a job understandably. The idea of homeschool our children moved me however it frightened me, too. Just getting the kids fed, dressed and occupied on a daily basis was draining sometimes. To include a course of study so the subjects matched each child’s grade level? It looked impossible.

I discovered home school conventions, eventually. I went to one, and, after a few hours, I understood and believe that these folks were totally worth the cost! I found out about the way to homeschool and spoke with parents like me. They gave me motivation and plenty of methods for setting up a home-school plan.  It absolutely was the best thing I could have ever done.

After a few years of productive home-schooling, I can state that any parent thinking of getting into homeschooling, must attend a convention. Our Home-school Convention in South Carolina  provide confidence along with giving the information that you need to make a success of your homeschooling adventure. Search for one close to you and sign-up now! So, if hear negative comments from fake news cable channels know that some of the most successful people in the world were homeschooled. If you like more details on homeschool in Abbeville County, SC and how Great Homeschool can impact your kid’s homeschooling experience, please, take a look our home school blog.

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Why A Mother Needs A Mentor To Find The Best Homeschool Curriculum

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Moms, imagine what it would be like to know how to guide your son toward a no regrets life. Sometimes, it all starts with finding the best homeschool curriculum for your child. Education is one of the most important aspects to success.

As a young mother, I was desperate to find someone, anyone, even homeschool teachers, to teach me how to instill values in my children that would prepare them for life, and help them make wise decisions. I cried out, I NEED HELP, LORD! Maybe you can identify with my struggle?

“I found my parenting overshadowed with fear of doing it wrong. I gradually developed a sort of reactionary mode – [my son] acted and I reacted. Rather than following a clear path toward shaping his life, the fear of what I did not want my son to be became my standard. I was merely putting out fires rather than kindling the flames of my son’s character…

I lacked fortitude for this new adventure [of motherhood]. I needed to become a kind, courageous, and confident mother if I was ever going to raise kind, courageous, confident children. To be a godly mother required strength. Where would I find the direction I so desperately longed for?”*

The Lord answered my cry for help by sending me godly mentors. I am forever grateful to these godly women who answered the call of Titus 2. I can only imagine the mess I would have made of my kids without their guidance. With my personal tendencies toward people pleasing, control issues, and insecurities I would certainly have parented in a regretful manner.

Find the Best Homeschool Curriculum for Parenting Without Regrets

Homeschooling brings its own challenges for mothers. Finding the best homeschool curriculum is just one of them. You want to do your very best to educate your kids well, and yet there is a real temptation to find your own glory and satisfaction in your children’s successes. I know, I have been a homeschooling mom–to my son and The Bible teaches that God created us for His glory. To glorify God means to represent HIS character to a watching world, to create in them an appetite for knowing Him. When you are careful to live for God’s glory and not your own, you will find a freedom from people pleasing– or regretting that you don’t measure up to that perfect homeschool mom you so admire.

When your children observe that you have a genuine goal to live in a manner that brings glory to God, rather than to yourself, they too will learn the secret of living free from the influence of peer pressure, self-promotion, and pride.

It is important that mothers who choose to school their children at home look for mentors who have traveled this unique path ahead of them. Inviting mentors into your life is God’s way of training moms (see: Titus 2).

When you wisely seek out godly counselors and homeschool teachers you will:

  • Receive clear advice, not swayed by emotional attachment
  • Enjoy fellowship with someone who has walked in your shoes
  • Learn from their successes and regrets
  • Find encouragement to keep doing what the Lord has called you to do

Find mentors or be a mentor. Prepare yourself to guide your son toward success. Reading my book, Moms Raising Sons to Be Men is a great place to start. Whatever you’ll learn there may help you in your search for the best homeschool curriculum for your child.

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