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If you are be part of the home schooling revolution it is imperative that have a clear understanding of the task at hand. Despite the fact that, the majority of liberal channels continue in not acknowledging the home schooling revolution, the movement has made great strides. The reality is that interests for Homeschooling has hit a new high. A good number of parents with conservative values in search of information on Home School in Baileys Prairie. That sentiment has resonated with single moms who are fed up with the public education system throughout South Carolina including areas like Beaufort. South Carolina’s home schooling rules are not the same as in other places. If you’re in search of details to start home schooling in Beaufort, SC, here’s a quick look at South Carolina’s home schooling rules.

Are you considering home-schooling your young ones? Before you get too involved, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the home schooling directives in South Carolina. Here are several things you will have to think through before withdrawing your son or daughter from the regular school.

  • South Carolina necessitates that your kids starts school when are 6 years. If you wish to hold your child back one year you should sign a form which the traditional school district will make available to you.
  • You must officially remove your kids from private school should you wish to commence homeschooling.
  • You need to teach your kids for 3 months each year. You also must tutor them the necessary subjects like science, social studies, math, reading and writing.
  • You also must go with a syllabus to follow. The state South Carolina gives you a number of alternatives.
  • You are required to keep records of the homeschooling program. This is in case you come under investigation. The records should show which textbooks you utilize as well as provide the attendance records.

Essentially, it is crucial to perform your research when embarking on your home schooling journey. You need to make sure you are in complete compliance with all the laws laid out by South Carolina.

Questioning if Home School Conventions are Worthwhile?

Recently I questioned if home-school conventions were definitely worth the cost. After being at home with the kids for a few years, the struggle of cearing for them and bringing them through, each day was really a mission to say the least. The notion of home-school my kids moved me however it frightened me, also. Just getting the kids dressed, fed and busy on a daily basis was tiring some days. To provide a course of study and make sure the lessons matched each child’s grade level? It appeared impractical.

I learnt of home-school conventions, finally. I went to one, and, after a while being there, I realized and agreed that these folks were completely worth the cost! I found out about how to homeschool and interacted with parents like me. They gave me encouragement and lots of methods for making a homeschool plan.  It was actually the the greatest decision I could have ever made.

After several years of flourishing homeschooling, I am here to say that all parents thinking of getting into this, must be present at a convention. Our Home-school Convention in South Carolina  help you find the confidence as well as providing the info that you need to realize the success of your home schooling adventure. Seek out one near you and join now! So, you continue to hear negative statements from liberal cable channels be aware that some of the top people in the world were home school. For more details on home school in Beaufort, South Carolina and what to expect at a Great Homeschool Convention event check out our home school tutoring blog!

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Homeschool Teachers on Etiquette and Good Behavior

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Behavior, whether good or bad, will open and close many doors to life’s opportunities and possibilities. It is very important to not only teach children academics, but etiquette and manners as well.  Homeschool teachers should always make sure of this.

Homeschooled children can and must be an example to other children in a society of sarcasm and crumbling conduct.  If you happen to be out and about with your children during public school hours you must know that the general public, which I call the Better Behavior Bureau, will be watching your children out of the corner of their eyes, taking mental notes and thinking to themselves, “I wonder if these kids are homeschooled?”  If your children are causing a disturbance, all homeschooled children’s reputations will be on the line.  Homeschooling today is much more acceptable than it was when I began fourteen years ago, but many people still don’t agree with this choice of education.  Teach your children to be a shining example for all children – not just homeschooled ones.

How to Spot Etiquette and Good Behavior as Homeschool Teachers

Children are so much smarter than we give them credit for.  By explaining dangers and stating why they can or cannot do certain things they will understand and obey rules better and without as much resentment as if we lay down rules without explanation.

Deep down children really want to know you are in control and making sure their behavior is acceptable, giving them confidence and a sense of security.  Homeschool teachers may never get them to admit this, though.

Today, many more liberal thinkers say putting down rules stifles a child.  I couldn’t disagree more.  When a child knows the rules to keep him and others safe and happy – and obeys them – he can enjoy much more freedom and so will his parents.  You don’t need a lot of rules; you just need a few clear and distinctive ones that the child understands, knowing the action will be taken if they are not obeyed.

Reading some books on manners together will help both parents and children learn long-forgotten rules on etiquette.  After I started homeschooling my children I learned a lot about polite manners of our society.  Many of them I had never even heard of.  Chances are you yourself could brush up on this subject and improve your own behavior.  For example:  Did you know that when walking down a sidewalk or hall it is proper to always stay to your right?  Do you know the proper way to introduce people to each other? Good behavior goes beyond not arguing in public. And as qualified homeschool teachers, you know exactly the right path to etiquette and good behavior.

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