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If you are to join of the home schooling revolution it is imperative that you dot all your I’s and cross all your t’s. Even though, many liberal channels insists in playing down the home schooling revolution, the movement has made great strides. The interests for Homeschooling is on the rise. A great number of families with conservative values searching for info about Home School in Mustang RidgeTX. That sentiment has resonated with parents with conservative values throughout South Carolina including areas like Furman. South Carolina’s home-schooling laws are little bit different than many liberal states. If you’re in search of details to start home schooling in Furman, South Carolina, here is a quick breakdown of South Carolina’s home schooling laws.

Are you considering home schooling your children? Before you get too involved, it is advisable to seek more info on the home-schooling directives in South Carolina. Here are some things you must consider before withdrawing your child from the traditional school.

  • South Carolina requires that your kids begin attending school when are 6 years. If you would like to hold your child back 1 year you have to sign a form that the public school district provides.
  • You need to legally withdraw your child from traditional school should you wish to commence home schooling.
  • You need to tutor your kid for 3 months each year. You also have to tutor them the specified subjects of science, social studies, math, reading and writing.
  • In addition, you must go with a curriculum to work from. The state South Carolina provides you with a couple of alternatives.
  • You are required to record the homeschooling syllabus. This is in case you find yourself under scrunity. The records need to tell what textbooks you utilize and also give the attendance records.

Essentially, it is very important to do your homework when embarking on your homeschooling journey. You must make sure you are in full compliance with all the laws South Carolina has outlined.

Questioning if Homeschool Conventions are Worth the Cost?

In the past I wondered if home-school conventions were really worth the money. After being at home with the kids for a few years, the fight of cearing for them and seeing them through, every day had been a job understandably. The notion of home-school them encouraged me nevertheless it terrified me, as well. Just getting them dressed, fed and busy throughout every day was tiring from time to time. To provide a program of study so the courses matched each kid’s grade level? It seemed hopeless.

I learnt of homeschool conventions, eventually. I participated in one, and, after a few hours, I realized and agreed that these people were completely worth it! I was able to learn about how to homeschool and spoke with parents like me. They gave me motivation and lots of methods for making a home school plan.  It had been the most important decision I have made.

After many years of successful home schooling, I would confirm that all parents looking to get into this, need to attend a convention. Our Home School Convention in South Carolina  provide confidence as well as providing the information which you require to make a success of your home-schooling adventure. Search for one near you and sign up now! So, if hear negative comments from liberal cable channels note that some of the most successful people in the world were home school. If you like more details on home-school in Furman, SC and what to expect at a Great Homeschool Convention event stop by our blog.

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Homeschooling Curriculum Issue: What Math Program is Right for Your Child?

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At every Great Homeschool Convention, people visiting our Homeschooling Curriculum Express booth want to know the difference between the various math programs we carry. Why select Saxon over Singapore, Singapore over ACE, Life of Fred over BJU Press, or Horizons over Critical Thinking Press?

The differences are really in the approach and our experts at Curriculum Express love to help parents find the right fit. If you are seeking a mastery-based approach to math; one that offers repetition and review and that focuses on building skills, then there are some choices that begin with the following approach.

Homeschooling Curriculum Express Math Program Options

  • Saxon Math Saxon’s instruction is cyclical. It provides instruction, gives clear examples, then provides some practice questions where students must apply the skills learned. It will then cycle back to review the concepts again later in the course. (Black and White – Independent Learning.) Click here to learn more/order from Homeschooling Curriculum
  • Accelerated Christian Education Math (ACE) ACE also uses a cyclical approach but offers more repetition and review immediately upon introducing each concept. It is colorful and offers plenty of visuals to help teach each concept. (Colorful – Biblical Integration – Character Training – Independent Learning.) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • BJU Press BJU Press math is a mastery based math program that also presents materials visually, provides repetition and review and emphasizes critical thinking a bit more than the previous two. (Colorful – Biblical Integration -Teacher Dependent for full benefit.) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Horizons Math Horizons moves very quickly and each lesson move from concept to concept—providing a cyclical review and introduction to new concepts every day. Great for a strong math student who can grasp concepts quickly but also enjoys variety and does not tire of repetition. Can be difficult for a student who is overwhelmed by too much at once. (Colorful – Teacher Dependent for full benefit.) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Bridgeway Math Bridgeway Math is a remedial math course designed to be used in eighth grade or above. This one year course, takes students back to the basics and moves from foundational skills to Algebra I readiness in one year. If you have a student who is struggling with math, there are likely some gaps that are contributing to that struggle. Bridgeway Math addresses those gaps and lays the foundation for future success. (Black and White, Independent Learning)
  • Paradigm Math Paradigm is a mastery based math program for middle school students and/or high school math strugglers with two titles—Basic Math Skills and Intermediate Math Skills. It not only focuses on building math skills, but also infuses character training and real life math. (Black and White, Independent Learning)
  • If you are seeking a program that approaches math with goal of developing mathematical thinking and problem solving, then there are other choices that begin with this approach:
  • Singapore Math Singapore begins by teaching a concept using both hands-on activities (found in the Home Instructor’s Guide) and strong visuals. It then provides practice activities that move quickly from skills to mental math. With Singapore, you will see a lot of word problems as well as graphs for analysis and critical thinking activities. Grades 1-6 focus on the essential foundational skills through pre-algebra. Elementary Math (Grades 7-10) combines algebra, geometry and trigonometry in each course for four years. (Colorful– Teacher Dependent for full benefit) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Critical Thinking Press Critical Thinking Press also provides a very strong visual approach to math with a focus on mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Each course provides instruction with colorful graphics and step by step instructions then moves from basic practice to problem solving with the goal of developing students who can think mathematically. Available for grades Pre-K-6. (Colorful – Independent Learning) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Life of Fred Life of Fred uses storytelling to increase student’s interest in math and to see math in context. The series chronicles the life of Fred, a five year old math genius as he encounters challenges and situations that require math to solve. The goal is to help students see why math is useful and necessary for life. Many parents use these as supplements; however, you can certainly combine titles for a full math program each year. You may want to add additional practice activities. (Black and White – Independent Learning) Click here to learn more/order from Homeschooling Curriculum

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