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If you are to join of the home-schooling revolution it is important that are aware of all the tools and don’ts. Even though, many liberal channels insists in not acknowledging the home schooling revolution, the community has achieved a lot in in the last three years. The truth is that interests for Homeschooling is starting to snowball. A good number of parents with conservative values in search of information about HomeSchooling in Godley. This sentiment is echo by single moms who don’t agree in the direction the public school system is going throughout South Carolina including areas like Greeleyville. South Carolina’s home-schooling rules are not the same as in other places. If you are in search of to start home schooling in Greeleyville, SC, here’s a quick look at South Carolina’s home schooling rules.

Are you considering home-schooling your children? Before you get too entangled, it is a great idea to educate yourself on the home schooling rules of South Carolina. Here are some points you should reflect on before withdrawing your children from the regular school.

  • South Carolina requires that your kids start going to school the year they become 6 years. If you wish to keep your child back 1 year you have to sign a form which the public school district provides.
  • You need to officially extract your child from traditional school if you would like start homeschooling.
  • You have to educate your kid for one hundred and eighty days each year. You should instruct them the specified subjects of math, science, reading, writing and social studies.
  • Additionally you must select a curriculum to follow. South Carolina gives you a number of selections.
  • You must take records of your home schooling syllabus. It is advisable in case you find yourself under investigation. These records should show which textbooks you use plus give the attendance records.

In essence, it is essential to accomplish your research when embarking on your home-schooling journey. You should make sure you are in complete compliance with all the rules laid out by South Carolina.

Wondering if Home-school Conventions are Worth the Cost?

Recently I speculated if homeschool conventions were worth the cost. Since being at home with the kids for a could years, the fight of raising them and getting them through, each day was a task to put it mildly. The thought of home school our children moved me nevertheless it terrified me, also. Just getting them dressed, fed and occupied daily was tiring from time to time. To provide a curriculum of study and make sure the lessons matched each kid’s grade level? It looked impossible.

I found out about home-school conventions, finally. I went to one, and, after a couple of hours, I realized and believe that these people were totally worth every penny! I got to learn all about how to home-school and interacted with parents like me. They provided me with encouragement and plenty of methods for building a home-school plan.  It was the best thing I could have ever done.

After several years of flourishing home schooling, I can state that any parent hoping to start this, should be present at a convention. Our Home School Event in South Carolina  give you the confidence as well as providing the information which you need to realize the success of your homeschooling adventure. Try to find one near you and sign-up now! So, if hear negative statements from fake news outlest know that some of the most successful people in the world were homeschooled. For additional details on home-school in Greeleyville, South Carolina and what to expect at a www.GreatHomeschoolConvention.Com event, please, stop by our homeschool lesson plans blog.

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4 Summer Activities for Children

The weather is warmer and a mother’s thoughts turn to: summer relaxation.

Oh yes, I forgot.  We have kids we have to plan summer activities for!

In daily life, there is often little rest for mom.  In order for your world to slow down a bit, you’ve got to keep the kids busy.

Here are some activities (Musts for a Mom-Savoring Summer) that were always anchor points for our summers:


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  1. Read: To celebrate the end of the “school year” (although school often went year round) we celebrate with a trip to the bookstore.  Each child gets to buy a summer book or two – others will come from the library.  We set a reading goal – either a set number of books or a required amount of time each day.  It’s so important for our kids to read books that they hold in their hands!  It’s vastly different from screen life.  Does your public library or bookstore have a reading program?  Get signed up. Some have some nice prizes.  If not, do your own reading program offering incentives. They can be simple, like a trip to the park, or more complex, like a day at the amusement park.
  1. Serve. Kids need to learn the value of work and the privilege of service.  Don’t get me wrong –  I’m all for kids having time to dream and play – but too much time isn’t good for them either.  Especially as your kids get older, they should learn to serve via work – either paid or unpaid.  Is there a neighbor who needs help?  Is there a VBS where your older child can serve?  Hospitals and nursing homes are often desperate for volunteers.  Start checking out the opportunities available. For older kids, by the way, summer job slots at park districts, ice cream stores, etc. start taking applications in March!
  1. Skills.  The laid back pace of summer is a great time to learn new life skills!  Cooking, organizing, cleaning, mowing the lawn, and household shopping are skills that are made for slower summer days.
  1. Explore. Sometimes school-year schedules are so jammed that a longed-for hobby or project simply has to take the back burner.  Was there a time this year when your child said, “Mom, I’d really like to ______.”  Maybe it was to learn an instrument, take up ballet or improve drawing skills.  Brainstorm with your child to create opportunities to explore this summer.

And Mom, what about YOU?  Are there things you have set aside due to busy-ness?  Is it reading a big, fat novel, or finishing a craft project?  It might be something as simple as getting your nails done.  Slow down as much as you can, pamper yourself and your family and savor these sweet days of summer.

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