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When you’re be part of the home schooling revolution it is important that you dot all your I’s and cross all your t’s. Despite the fact that, the majority of liberal media outlets insists in playing down the home-schooling revolution, the movement has made great strides. The demand for Homeschooling has hit a new high. A good number of parents with conservative values searching for info on HomeSchooling in TyeTX. This sentiment has resonated with families who are fed up with the public education system throughout South Carolina including areas like Sumter. South Carolina’s home schooling rules are not the same as in other places. If you are in search of information to start home schooling in Sumter, SC, here’s a quick look at South Carolina’s home schooling rules.

So, you’re thinking about home schooling your youngsters? Before you get too involved, it is advisable to learn more on the home schooling laws of South Carolina. Here are several factors you must think through before removing your child from the public school.

  • South Carolina necessitates that your kid starts school as soon as they turn 6. If you would like to keep your child back one year you have to sign a form that the regular school district provides.
  • You have to formally remove your children from private school in order to begin homeschooling.
  • You will have to tutor your kid for 180 days each year. You should educate them the necessary subjects of science, social studies, math, reading and writing.
  • You additionally must go with a course to follow along with. South Carolina gives you a few alternatives.
  • You must keep records of your home-schooling syllabus. This is in case you fall under inspection. Your records need to tell which textbooks you use as well as supply the attendance records.

In essence, it is crucial to do your research when starting your home-schooling journey. You want to ensure you are in total obedience with all the rules laid out by South Carolina.

Wondering if Home-school Conventions are Worth the Cost?

Some time ago I wondered if homeschool conventions were definitely worth the price. Since staying at home with the kids for a could years, the fight of raising them and bringing them through, each day was actually a mission to put it mildly. The concept of home-school our children inspired me however it scared me, too. Just getting the kids fed, dressed and busy on a daily basis was exhausting at times. To provide a course of study and make certain the lessons complemented each child’s grade level? It looked impossible.

I found out about home-school conventions, finally. I attended one, and, after being there for several hours, I understood and believe that these people were completely worth the cost! I discovered about the way to homeschool and spoke with parents like me. They provided inspiration and plenty of methods for creating a home-school plan.  It absolutely was the the greatest decision I could have ever made.

After several years of flourishing home schooling, I would confirm that all parents hoping to start home schooling, need to try a convention. Our Home-school Event in South Carolina  give you the confidence as well as providing the info which you need to make a success of your home-schooling adventure. Try to find one in your town and register now! So, if hear negative statements from liberal channels know that some of the most successful people in the world were home school. For more info on home-school in Sumter, South Carolina and how Great Homeschool can impact your kid’s homeschooling experience check out our blog!

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Homeschool Supplies: The Middle School “Tool Belt”

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I spent 34 years teaching middle school kids, and I developed a pretty clear idea of what I think middle school language arts is all about and what the middle school learner is capable of and needs to do. Let me share with you about the homeschool supplies you’ll need to nourish these children, which is I fondly call as my Middle School tool belt.

I want you to visualize your middle schooler wearing an empty tool belt.  That tool belt is strapped on securely, due to a good elementary foundation, but there’s nothing in any of the handy little slots.  Your job now is to fill that tool belt with the “tools” necessary for your learner to do high school level English work.

High school level English should consist of literature and writing.  In other words, the student reads and then reacts to what he or she has read through writing.  It should NOT consist of daily grammar instruction or spelling or handwriting.

Understanding the Middle School Homeschool Supplies Requirement

So middle school language arts needs to be where the tools to do high school work are acquired.  Grammar should be completely covered, in my opinion, by the end of 8th grade.  When I say grammar, I mean grammar, usage, punctuation, and capitalization.

Another crucial tool in that tool belt is the essay.  A middle school student should be able to sit down and write a good five-paragraph essay within about half an hour.  There is more than one kind of essay, and the student needs to know how to write a literary essay, a personal essay, and what I call an “issue” essay, which is one about a current event or life concern.

The final tools or homeschool supplies needed are the fully-annotated research paper.  That means that the student has learned how to research a topic and write a paper in which he or she documents where all the information came from in the form of parenthetical citations.  He needs to know how to do that and keep all the information and documentation organized.

Now I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t think any literature or spelling or vocabulary is to be taught in middle school.  Far from it!  Literature and vocabulary are normal offshoots of each other and are part and parcel of teaching the types of academic writing I’ve mentioned.  Spelling is always important but is a curricular choice which must be tailored to the specific kind of speller you have.

I do not believe that any substantive grammar can be taught mixed in with writing, literature, spelling, vocabulary, etc.  I believe grammar, because of the very linear, sequential nature of the subject, must be taught by itself.  Teach you grammar in a series of “seasons” away from other things.

I recommend that you talk to folks who know, like, and understand the middle school learner.   Keep that tool belt in mind as you set your goals for those middle school years, and then you’ll have a confident, well-equipped high school student, ready to build the edifice of his own education with his own hands – because he’s got the right tools and homeschool supplies!

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