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If you are to join of the home-schooling revolution it is imperative that are aware of all the tools and don’ts. Even though, the majority of liberal channels insists in playing down the home-schooling revolution, the movement has made great strides. The reality is that interests for Home School is starting to snowball. A great number of families with conservative values in search of info on HomeSchooling in LexingtonTX. That sentiment is echo by individuals who don’t agree in the direction the public school system is going throughout South Carolina including areas like Union County. South Carolina’s home-schooling directives are not the same as in other places. If you are looking for details to start home-schooling in Union County, SC, here’s a quick look at South Carolina’s home schooling rules.

So, you’re considering home schooling your kids? Before you get too involved, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the home-schooling directives in South Carolina. Here are some items you need to reflect on before removing your youngster from their traditional school.

  • South Carolina makes it necessary that your child starts school when are 6 years. If you want to keep your child back twelve months you need to sign a form which the regular school district will make available to you.
  • You have to formally remove your son or daughter from private school if you would like start homeschooling.
  • You have to teach your children for 180 days per year. You need to educate them the specific subjects like reading, math, writing, social studies, and science.
  • Additionally you must choose a course to work from. South Carolina provides you with several choices.
  • You have to keep records of your home-schooling courses. This is also a good idea in case you are ever under inspection. These records need to indicate what textbooks you use as well as give the attendance records.

Basically, it is vital to do your due diligence when beginning your home-schooling journey. You ought to be certain you are in complete compliance with all the regulations laid out by South Carolina.

Wondering if Home School Conventions are Worth the Cost?

Some time ago I questioned if home-school conventions were really worth the expense. After staying at home with my kids for a few years, the effort of raising them and bringing them through, each day was a mission to say the least. The thought of home school them moved me however it frightened me, as well. Just getting the kids dressed, fed and occupied during each day was draining at times. To include a program of study so the lessons complemented each kid’s grade level? It looked impossible.

I learnt of home-school conventions, finally. I attended one, and, after a while being there, I understood and believe that they were completely worth every penny! I discovered about how to home-school and got to talk with parents like me. They provided inspiration and a lot of methods for setting up a home-school plan.  It was the the greatest decision I could have ever made.

After several years of flourishing home-schooling, I can state that any parent thinking of getting into homeschooling, should attend a convention. Our Home School Event in South Carolina  give you the confidence along with giving the information that you require to realize the success of your home-schooling adventure. Try to find one in your town and join now! So, if hear negative statements from liberal cable channels know that some of the top people in the world were homeschoolers. If you like additional info on home-school in Union County, South Carolina and what to expect at a www.GreatHomeschoolConvention.Com event stop by our blog!

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Homeschool Supplies: Back to School Must Haves


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Are you ready? From the perspective of a (retired) homeschool mom and an attorney, there are four “musts” for moms to consider in this season of new beginnings. These are some of the four homeschool supplies that you should never run out of.

These are four must-haves that you must always carry, and replenish them as you go along. Never run out of these things. You’re going to need it. Homeschool teachers require them too. And it won’t matter if you’re enrolled in a traditional or online homeschool. The presence of these four things is going to be very crucial.

4 Must-Have Homeschool Supplies for Homeschool Teachers and Parents

  1. Purpose: Do you know why you are choosing to homeschool? Maybe it’s because of disappointment with the public schools. Maybe you have a child with special needs. Perhaps your religious convictions conflict with practices you see at your child’s school. It is a good idea to write down your purpose. On bad days when you wonder why in the world you are doing this, you can take out this document and be reminded of your vision, and take courage to continue.
  1. Plan: Your yearly plans probably include math, science, and history, but there are other types of “lesson plans” to consider. Do you desire to see spiritual growth? How could that be built into your plan? How about growth in character? Finding a community volunteer opportunity might facilitate that growth. Don’t forget practical life skills. At each age, there are everyday skills they need for adulthood. Consider your child’s stage in life and plot out some life skills to master in your lesson plan.
  1. Preparation: By now, you probably have purchased the books and supplied for the year. There are other types of preparation to consider. Is your household prepared to run smoothly while you are busily engaged with the children? Take some time this summer to make some menu plans, sort some clutter, assign some chores and tame the laundry monster by institution a laundry schedule that makes sense and has everyone’s participation.
    Make sure you have satisfied your legal requirements for the year if you are required to do so. A summary of each state’s requirements is available at the Center for Homeschool Liberty.
  1. Pray: A busy, challenging season lies ahead. Take some time individually and as a couple to commit your efforts as unto the Lord. Make this your best homeschool year yet! Be sure you’ll never run out of these very essential homeschool supplies!

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