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After the midterm elections many families of conservative values are concerned as to the rapid decline of the public education system. Unfortunately, for quite a few families in this situation homeschool has offered a way out of this predicament. For families in the Boerne area, Great Homeschool can provide the support you seek. At our conventions you will find info on List Of Accredited Homeschool Programs and many other subjects of interest to For families in the Boerne area. After you have attended in one of our conferences you will acknowledge why so many families referred to Great Homeschool is the best resource for parents searching for homeschooling and Boerne.

In recent years, home-schooling has gone through plenty advances. Parents today have a lot more options than they did years ago. If you are thinking of this choice for your kid, you need to look into the future of home schooling.

There Are Plenty Models To Choose From – There are multiple approaches to home-schooling your kids. There are many schooling styles to follow, including School-At-Home, Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, and Electic Education methods. Parents look at many schooling types and locate one that’s an effective match for child.

Parents Have Lots of Resources – When you are home-schooling your kids, you do not have to do everything on your own. There are plenty of resources open to homeschooling parents. There are website classes that one could enroll your children for. You can find computerized teaching tools that can help you expound complicated thoughts for your kid. These resources can help parents manage the pressures of educating.

Regulations Are Varying – The regulations surrounding homeschooling have not remained still. A lot of cities have adjusted home schooling regulations or passed new regulations into place. It’s sensible to check out the laws in your location prior to starting to home-school your children.

Homeschooling is a superb prospect for most parents. Take time to learn more about homeschooling and discover what the future holds.

The best way to Help your Kids Succeed via Homeschooling in Boerne

Homeschooling your child could be very rewarding. Yet, there are steps to adopt to make sure that they are receiving all that they should via homeschooling in Boerne. Therefore how can you help your son or daughter to succeed?

  1. Find out about Programs – First and foremost, take time to examine the syllabus and make sure that you go with the one which works for your child and you in terms of payments in addition to the syllabus.
  2. Stay with a Routine – Whether your child is thinking of your as a tutor or turning in assignments to “satellite teacher”, it is crucial that they work with a structure. Make them aware that they must get up at a set time each morning, go through the same morning routine on week days, and finish the work that is organized for the day before they can be considered finished.
  3. Be Present – Your child may need assistance with their work, or just need you to make sure that they are completing their work and understanding the information. Be in attendance and an integral part of your child’s academics.
  4. Provide Them With a Social Life – Kids still want contact with their age group to be happy and socially fit. Plan “field trips” with some other students, take them outside of the home, and permit them to have friends their age. Once you know of other Boerne home-schooling children, arrange for them to learn in groups along with your children at a shared location, like a community center. Those that want more information on homeschooling in Boerne and what to expect at a Great Homeschool event, please, take a look our blog!

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Homeschooling Curriculum Issue: What Math Program is Right for Your Child?

kindergarten homeschool curriculum

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At every Great Homeschool Convention, people visiting our Homeschooling Curriculum Express booth want to know the difference between the various math programs we carry. Why select Saxon over Singapore, Singapore over ACE, Life of Fred over BJU Press, or Horizons over Critical Thinking Press?

The differences are really in the approach and our experts at Curriculum Express love to help parents find the right fit. If you are seeking a mastery-based approach to math; one that offers repetition and review and that focuses on building skills, then there are some choices that begin with the following approach.

Homeschooling Curriculum Express Math Program Options

  • Saxon Math Saxon’s instruction is cyclical. It provides instruction, gives clear examples, then provides some practice questions where students must apply the skills learned. It will then cycle back to review the concepts again later in the course. (Black and White – Independent Learning.) Click here to learn more/order from Homeschooling Curriculum
  • Accelerated Christian Education Math (ACE) ACE also uses a cyclical approach but offers more repetition and review immediately upon introducing each concept. It is colorful and offers plenty of visuals to help teach each concept. (Colorful – Biblical Integration – Character Training – Independent Learning.) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • BJU Press BJU Press math is a mastery based math program that also presents materials visually, provides repetition and review and emphasizes critical thinking a bit more than the previous two. (Colorful – Biblical Integration -Teacher Dependent for full benefit.) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Horizons Math Horizons moves very quickly and each lesson move from concept to concept—providing a cyclical review and introduction to new concepts every day. Great for a strong math student who can grasp concepts quickly but also enjoys variety and does not tire of repetition. Can be difficult for a student who is overwhelmed by too much at once. (Colorful – Teacher Dependent for full benefit.) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Bridgeway Math Bridgeway Math is a remedial math course designed to be used in eighth grade or above. This one year course, takes students back to the basics and moves from foundational skills to Algebra I readiness in one year. If you have a student who is struggling with math, there are likely some gaps that are contributing to that struggle. Bridgeway Math addresses those gaps and lays the foundation for future success. (Black and White, Independent Learning)
  • Paradigm Math Paradigm is a mastery based math program for middle school students and/or high school math strugglers with two titles—Basic Math Skills and Intermediate Math Skills. It not only focuses on building math skills, but also infuses character training and real life math. (Black and White, Independent Learning)
  • If you are seeking a program that approaches math with goal of developing mathematical thinking and problem solving, then there are other choices that begin with this approach:
  • Singapore Math Singapore begins by teaching a concept using both hands-on activities (found in the Home Instructor’s Guide) and strong visuals. It then provides practice activities that move quickly from skills to mental math. With Singapore, you will see a lot of word problems as well as graphs for analysis and critical thinking activities. Grades 1-6 focus on the essential foundational skills through pre-algebra. Elementary Math (Grades 7-10) combines algebra, geometry and trigonometry in each course for four years. (Colorful– Teacher Dependent for full benefit) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Critical Thinking Press Critical Thinking Press also provides a very strong visual approach to math with a focus on mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Each course provides instruction with colorful graphics and step by step instructions then moves from basic practice to problem solving with the goal of developing students who can think mathematically. Available for grades Pre-K-6. (Colorful – Independent Learning) Click here to learn more/order from Curriculum Express.
  • Life of Fred Life of Fred uses storytelling to increase student’s interest in math and to see math in context. The series chronicles the life of Fred, a five year old math genius as he encounters challenges and situations that require math to solve. The goal is to help students see why math is useful and necessary for life. Many parents use these as supplements; however, you can certainly combine titles for a full math program each year. You may want to add additional practice activities. (Black and White – Independent Learning) Click here to learn more/order from Homeschooling Curriculum

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