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After the midterm elections many parents of conservative values have express concern as to the rapid decline of the public education system. Unfortunately, for many parents in this predicament homeschooling has offered an alternative solution. For individuals in Texas, Great Homeschool can provide a few ideas to get you going with homeschooling. At our conferences you can get information on Home Schooling Requirements and many other subjects of interest to For families in the Crosby County area. After you have attended in one of our conventions you’ll realize why so many families referred to www.GreatHomeschoolConvention.Com is the best information source for those searching for homeschooling and Crosby County.

Recently, home schooling has gone through some advances. Parents now have much more options than they did in past times. If you’re contemplating on this alternative for your child, you need to check out the future of home schooling.

There Are Lots Of Models From Which To Choose – There are a couple of strategies to home-schooling your children. There are numerous schooling examples to follow, including School-At-Home, Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, and Electic Education methods. Parents look at different schooling plans and discover one which is an effective match for child.

Moms and Dads Have Plenty of Resources – If you are home-schooling your kid, you do not have to do it all all on your own. There are many resources accessible to home-schooling parents. There are website classes you could enroll your kids for. There are electronic teaching tools that can help you clarify complex notions to your kids. These resources may help parents handle the stresses of educating.

Laws Are Shifting – The rules surrounding home-schooling haven’t been kept fixed. Several cities have altered homeschooling laws or passed new rules in place. It’s wise to check out the regulations in your district before starting to homeschool your child.

Home-schooling is a great prospect for many mothers and fathers. Make time to read more about home schooling and find out what lies ahead.

The best way to Help your Children Prosper through Home-schooling in Crosby County

Homeschooling your son or daughter could be highly beneficial. However, there are steps to follow to make certain that he or she is getting what is available through home schooling in Crosby County. So how should you help your child to succeed?

  1. Make Inquires about Programs – Above all, make time to explore the courses and be sure that you go with the one which fits your style in terms of cost along with the curriculum.
  2. Stick with a Routine – Whether your child is looking up to you as their teacher or sending in their work into a “satellite teacher”, it is important that they use a a structure. Let them be aware that they need to wake up at a particular time in the morning, go through the same morning routine on school days, and be done with the work that may be organized for the day before they are considered finished.
  3. Be on Hand – Your son or daughter might need aid in their projects, or simply need you to be sure that they are completing their work and understanding the content. Be present and part of your child’s academics.
  4. Give Them a Dating Life – Youngsters still need interaction with their peers to become healthy and happy. Organize “field trips” along with other groups, bring them away from home, and allow them to have friends their age. Once you know of other Crosby County home-schooling children, plan to allow them to learn in groups with your kid at a shared location, such as a library. Parents who want more details on homeschooling in Crosby County and what to expect at a www.GreatHomeschoolConvention.Com event, please, stop by our blog.

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4 Summer Activities for Children

The weather is warmer and a mother’s thoughts turn to: summer relaxation.

Oh yes, I forgot.  We have kids we have to plan summer activities for!

In daily life, there is often little rest for mom.  In order for your world to slow down a bit, you’ve got to keep the kids busy.

Here are some activities (Musts for a Mom-Savoring Summer) that were always anchor points for our summers:

  1. Read: To celebrate the end of the “school year” (although school often went year round) we celebrate with a trip to the bookstore.  Each child gets to buy a summer book or two – others will come from the library.  We set a reading goal – either a set number of books or a required amount of time each day.  It’s so important for our kids to read books that they hold in their hands!  It’s vastly different from screen life.  Does your public library or bookstore have a reading program?  Get signed up. Some have some nice prizes.  If not, do your own reading program offering incentives. They can be simple, like a trip to the park, or more complex, like a day at the amusement park.
  1. Serve. Kids need to learn the value of work and the privilege of service.  Don’t get me wrong –  I’m all for kids having time to dream and play – but too much time isn’t good for them either.  Especially as your kids get older, they should learn to serve via work – either paid or unpaid.  Is there a neighbor who needs help?  Is there a VBS where your older child can serve?  Hospitals and nursing homes are often desperate for volunteers.  Start checking out the opportunities available. For older kids, by the way, summer job slots at park districts, ice cream stores, etc. start taking applications in March!
  1. Skills.  The laid back pace of summer is a great time to learn new life skills!  Cooking, organizing, cleaning, mowing the lawn, and household shopping are skills that are made for slower summer days.
  1. Explore. Sometimes school-year schedules are so jammed that a longed-for hobby or project simply has to take the back burner.  Was there a time this year when your child said, “Mom, I’d really like to ______.”  Maybe it was to learn an instrument, take up ballet or improve drawing skills.  Brainstorm with your child to create opportunities to explore this summer.

And Mom, what about YOU?  Are there things you have set aside due to busy-ness?  Is it reading a big, fat novel, or finishing a craft project?  It might be something as simple as getting your nails done.  Slow down as much as you can, pamper yourself and your family and savor these sweet days of summer.

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